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Last Update:  4.19.2015
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Alerts and Event Notices

Posted 04.19.15  Coming Event KCBX Radio "Central Coast Voices" program on Thursday, April 23, 2015, from 1 to 2 PM, Ray Weymann, Jim Cole and George Williams discuss climate change. The recorded radio program will also be available on the KCBX Cental Coast Voices website 48 hours later.

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Recent Updates

 04.19.15  See Alerts and Event Notices above 
 04.04.15  Resources  Video  Chasing Ice - Global Warming At Work  While words can
 attempt to convey the reality of rapid climate change, images can often convey this reality
 much more powerfully. A recent example is a portion of a TED talk presented by Chasing
movie glacier photographer James Balog of Extreme Ice Survey. I urge readers to
 view this 13-minute video clip Chasing Ice - Global Warming At Work.
 03.13.15  Misperceptions  No. 6  A common fallacious argument is that Norse settlements
 in Greenland about 1000 years ago show that present global warming is just due to natural
 causes. The archeological and physical scientific evidence is discussed in detail to explain
 why this argument is, in fact, fallacious.

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