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Last Update:  3.22.2014
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Welcome to
Central Coast Climate Science Education

Alerts and Event Notices

Free On-Line 8-Week College Course
Global Warming: The Science of Climate Change
Dr. David Archer, University of Chicago
Next Session Begins March 31, 2014
Go HERE for more info and to sign up

Here is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in learning about climate science from a real expert.  This free on-line course is intended for folks not having a science background and will not involve any more math than simple algebra.  Dr. David Archer is the instructor, a very distinguished climate scientist at the University of Chicago.

Panel Discussion on Our Changing Climate
Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22nd, 7 PM
Atascadero Community Church

Dr. Weymann will be joined on the panel by well known PG&E meteorologist John Lindsey and Heidi Harmon, local representative of Citizens Climate Lobby.

Unfortunately, this course is now filled.  No further registrations will be accepted.
We hope to video tape this series of classes and make it available on
this website.  Watch this page for a future announcement of the videos
being posted.  There "may be" another series of classes later in 2014.

Public Presentation
Dealing With Climate Change"
Hosted by Dr. Ray Weymann and Lifelong Learners of the Central Coast
Four Wednesday's, March 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th, 2014
PG&E Energy Education Center
6588 Ontario Road, San Luis Obispo

Several different speakers will discuss the basic science but also expected impacts as well as strategies for dealing with climate change.  The course is taught under the auspices of the Lifelong Learners of the Central Coast

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Recent Updates

 03.22.14  Resources  Under section Reports, Booklets and Whitepapers, added new
                 AAAS report What We Know.
 03.21.14  Resources  Added presentation videos from Ray's Lifelong Learners of the Central
                 Coast series of four classes "Dealing with Climate Change" in March 2014.
 03.21.14  Alerts & Event Notices (above)  Added April 22nd event:
                 Panel Discussion on Our Changing Climate at the Atascadero Community
 02.28.14  Resources  Scroll down to section Expert Summaries, then open the link to the
                web page Expert Summaries, then scroll down to the bottom of the National
                Academy of Sciences
section for the UPDATE 02/28/14 - added the new report
                Climate Change: Evidence and Causes .
 12.31.13  Misperceptions  No. 4  Volcanoes produce more CO2 than human activities.

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The aim of this website is to provide interested citizens with reliable and timely access to the rapidly expanding understanding of the Earth's climate system, a topic which will be of increasing importance to our nation and the
world. Development of the material on this website is in progress, so please check back periodically for new material.

We provide links to other websites and informative posts as well as respond to local inquiries about climate science, and post information about upcoming local events bearing on this issue.

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An important feature of this website is the Tutorial and Essays page consisting of step-by-step "lessons" explaining the basic principals of climate science to those who do not have an extensive background in science.

In addition, if you are a member of any group that would like a free PowerPoint presentation on "Climate Science Basics", please send a request to ray.climate (@ sign) charter.net and a time will be arranged. The presentation runs about 35 minutes, with time afterwards devoted to questions and comments.

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